Cave Painting Information


Cave Painting was made for the Jerwood Glass Prize, 2003. A miniature glass model is placed on an overhead projector with light passing through the objects to create a life-size projected image of the scene on the wall. This series of works are inspired by memories of the south coast and are amalgamations of several places. There is a discrepancy between what the viewer sees in the model and the image. The glass objects are washed up, the boat is wrecked, yet in the projected image these things are all in tact, it maybe a view of the same place at a different time. There are no people in the image to enable the viewer to feel that they can occupy it. If the audience cross the projector then their shadow becomes part of the scene.


Date:  2003

Materials: glass; overhead projector, plastic; wood

Model size: 33cms x 33cms, projection: 3 Metres Square.

Photography: installation shot Angela Moore details Helen Maurer

Cave Painting installation shot helen maurer glass light overhead projection