I experiment with glass, nature and found materials in combination with light to create installations. There is often a kinetic element within my work to animating shadows and casting images around a room. I use projectors to magnify objects and discover hidden internal landscapes, they enable me to get something largescale from the smallest source and to explore notions of reality.

I create work for both exhibition and site-specific commissions, if the work is created for a particular place, I like the history of the space to inform my ideas and for the architecture to become part of the work. Narratives evolve through research and conversation alongside the process of experimenting with materials and my aim is always to find a poetic response.

I often use found or second-hand objects from charity shops as I enjoy their existing associations and trying to make sense of what is already in the world.

I own a boat and much of the imagery I see on the canal and the river inspires my work.

Most of my installations are temporary in nature and I am interested in capturing fleeting moments in puddles; in illusion and things discovered through play.