• Flash Art Review by Roy Exley
    Pump House Gallery
    Surrounded by ethereal dream-like images, the viewer moves through the spaces of this gallery as though room's in Maurer's mind. Using light and glass, Helen Maurer has enveloped these vertically stacked rooms with a phantasmagoria of vivid images evocative of Victorian magic lantern shows. Using the reflective and diffusive qualities of glass in tandem with overhead projectors and spotlights in innovative ways, Maurer has created a series of landscapes and seascapes that ring of nostalgic childhood memories.  
  • Urban Art Glass Quarterly Article by Susanne K. Frantz
    An easy and oft-used weapon against the use of glass for art is that it relies to heavily on technical and optical "tricks". Well, it does, it always will, and a sizable audience thrills to the bamboozlement of gimmickry. The thoughtful observer, however, seeks to avoid trickiness for its own sake, which is, in fact, nothing more than an enchanting dead end. More important are those artists exploiting the inherent properties of glass as an intermediary step to expressing a greater idea. An example of slight of hand in service of a higher purpose is the work of 38-year-old British artist, Helen Maurer.  
  • Set Dance Article, Cultural Quarterly
    Likening it to being in a music box and gaining praise for bringing the space alive with the essence of tea dances and shows, visitors swarmed around Helen Maurer's revolving work displayed at the end of January and start of February at the Winter Garden.