Set Dance Information

Set Dance was originally commissioned for the Winter garden Ballroom in Eastbourne, as an off site project for the Towner Gallery. The piece evolved through thinking about the various activities housed within the space - flower shows; tea dances; conferences and theatrical productions, and wondering what would happen if items left over from different events were to come together.
As the theme of rotation was present in several forms, I used a revolving
mirror in the centre of the ballroom reflecting light. This passed though transparent flowers that cast slow moving shadows across screens and curtains. A single flower becomes a pair in the reflected light, and they appear to dance together as they travel around the space.


Date: 2008

Materials: mirror; wood; fabric; 3 x overhead projectors; lighting gels

Size: 14 feet in diameter, screens 6 feet tall; projections variable

Music: Ted Barnes

Photography: Angela Moore

Set Dance detail of mirror winter gardens eastbourne light installation for towner art galleryhelen