My work is shaped by regular visits to charity shops, collecting old furniture, objects and glassware for installations.

Where possible I like reconfiguring existing things, finding participants for the scenes that I create, almost like auditioning actors for parts, objects are brought in and out of my constructions. Ideas come from experimenting with materials, for example projecting light through objects to create shadows. As I work I find associations are made, suggesting a way forward. I create installations for both exhibition and commissions, if I am working site-specifically, I like the architecture and the history of the space to inform my ideas, creating a narrative from what I find out and observe. This often takes my work in unexpected directions and feeds back into my studio practice.

I own a boat and much of the imagery I see on the canal and the river provides me with subject matter, water; shadows and reflection are recurring themes. I am also interested in illusion; distortion; stability and scale: I have always tried to get something large-scale from the smallest source, and my interest in projection may stem from this. Projection can also create a two dimensional version of a three-dimensional object and by moving the light I am able to then animate these things. The shadows of the audience also become part of the work as they move within the space.